How We Can Help

Burial is more than just the final disposition of a loved one's earthly remains. It is about choosing to prepare a suitable and lasting place for friends and family to gather and remember that life.


Like other important events in life, death is significant occasion and deserves to be planned and saved for. A funeral is about caring reverently for the deceased, about celebrating a life well lived and--for Christians---a new life in the world to come.The Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society can help you prepare and pre-fund a comprehensive plan that covers all arrangements for a Catholic funeral, including church, funeral home and cemetery services. Our plans are flexible, portable and guaranteed. And you have the peace of mind of a non-profit organization founded on Catholic Cemeterian principles that is committed to preserving your liturgical rights and wishes.

At need

If your need is immediate or imminent, be assured we can help you plan any or all of the above arrangements in a timely and caring manner. Our professional staff is dedicated to bringing peace and comfort to a confusing and often painful process. We offer complete in-ground burial, above-ground mausoleum, cremation and memorial products, services and facilities at each of our four cemeteries.


Remembering friends, family and historical figures is an important way of honoring the impact their lives had on our own. By registering with CCCS (totally free and no obligation) we can help you locate grave sites in each of our four cemeteries dating back more than 150 years! But remembrance is about much more than finding old markers. Let us show you how today's technology enables beautiful, fascinating and informative ways to record and view what deserves to be remembered about our family history and the lives of the ones we love.