We want to make our wishes known

Death is a part of life. It marks the end of our journey on earth and, for people of faith, the beginning of a new one.

But being ready for that day isn’t only about the hereafter. The Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society wants you to know that getting your financial, legal and final arrangements in order brings you and your loved ones peace of mind in the here and now.

How do you begin the pre-planning process?

So how do you that? Where do you begin?

You’ve come to the right place. Truth is, Catholics know a lot about death and all its faces—sorrow, joy, endings, beginnings, triumph and remembrance. We understand the significance of a traditional Catholic burial. We can answer your questions about alternatives to burial, such as above ground interment (mausoleum) and cremation (yes, Catholics can be cremated!).

Most of all we are uniquely able to provide completely pre-arranged and prepaid funeral, burial and perpetual care that guarantees your wishes will be carried out, value for value. And through the Catholic Funeral Plan, we can help you pre-fund any and all such services even if you don’t choose a cemetery or funeral home at this time.