Pre-funding your funeral and burial expenses

For the protection of both parties, pre-planning funeral arrangements requires a contract as well as payment in full. Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society offers a standard interest-free 12-month payment plan. (In some cases, clients may qualify for longer payment terms.)

The Catholic Funeral Plan™: Security and flexibility

What if pre-funding funeral and burial arrangement makes financial sense, but you don’t want to choose a cemetery at this time? Perhaps you planned to be buried elsewhere. Or your job requires frequent moves and you have no idea where you’ll be living in a few years. Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society offers a sensible alternative: The Catholic Funeral Plan™.

The Catholic Funeral Plan is an insurance policy offered through the Catholic Family Security Association, of which CCCS is an authorized agent. It is specifically tailored to be a safe and secure choice for people who know they want a Catholic funeral and burial but aren’t certain about some of the particular decisions. This plan can prefund all final arrangements, including funeral home, clergy and cemetery services.

  • Choose or change one or more of the providers of those services at any time
  • Choose any funeral home or cemetery, anywhere in the country
  • Pre-pay your CCCS cemetery arrangements and use the Catholic Funeral Plan to fund a funeral home to be named later

Our very existence depends on safeguarding your financial trust before, during and long after you or your loved ones are laid to rest. But you don’t have to trust us. Your Catholic Funeral Plan policy ensures that final arrangements include all essential elements of a Catholic funeral and burial and stands apart—safe and secure—from any funeral-related company, including us!

The Catholic Funeral Plan

  • Does not require a pre-need contract with funeral home
  • Funds can be transferred to any funeral home and cemetery nationwide
  • Cash surrender available
  • Separate interest bearing account
  • Arrangements can be changed at any time, and available funds can be applied to any alternate selections at time of death.
  • Medicaid eligible

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