Memorial Day Mass and Services have been cancelled this year but our cemeteries are open to all visitors and families as usual.

Remember friends and family

Every family has a history. Multiple generations gather at birthdays and family reunions. Photo albums, videos and framed documents tell of important deeds and accomplishments. Heirlooms, mementos, and letters attest to our lineage.

Why are we so fascinated with where we came from? And why are we so interested in preserving our own memories?

It is simply the nature of human life to seek continuity. While we live, we want to connect with those who have gone before and leave something of ourselves for those who come later.

Historically, that is one of the most important functions that a cemetery provided. But the world moved on, families spread far and wide and cemeteries became merely the repository of remains and the keeper of records.

Come back to the cemetery

Things are different now. With the virtual environment and social networking technology that the Internet brings, cemeteries are becoming relevant once again. Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society offers the best of all worlds. A wide range of interment choices and traditional memorials in our Perpetual Care cemeteries mean that you will always be able to visit, pray and simply experience the serenity that is increasingly hard to come by. In addition, we also offer unique remembrance opportunities that take advantage of the latest multi-media experiences. 

Personalized history from grave marker to smart phone!

Memory Medallion is a simple, unobtrusive device that attaches to a permanent grave marker and conveys a personal history, complete with images, via a downloadable smart-phone application. Now you can pass on a far more personalized story of a loved one in words, pictures and music to anyone who passes by! Better yet, develop your own story (with many updates to come) and include it as part of your pre-arrangement package.

Example of the new online cemetery record and remembrance

Coming soon: Virtual cemetery visits and remembrance through

CCCS also will soon offer the unique and rewarding experience of a virtual remembrance through This remarkable Internet application provides the capability for families to create a memorial that friends and relatives at a distance can "visit" online. You'll be amazed at the rich experience that can be created with words, pictures, music, video and memories available from the convenience of an Internet connection.


Knowledge of the lives and deeds of our ancestors often gives us a better understand our family’s place in the world. We can help. Simply click on the Contact Us link throughout our website and fill out the request form. We will respond with complete cemetery records for individuals interred in any of our four cemeteries, dating back to the mid-1800s.

Basic information on interments can also be found on microfilm through the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, 800 Vine St. Cincinnati OH 45202. The direct number for the History and Genealogy Department is (513) 369-6905.