Natural Green Burial

Like the everyday choices we make regarding our impact on the environment (recycling, composting, carpooling, etc.), green burial presents many ways that end-of-life choices can contribute to the preservation of our environment. Green burial options range from preserving cremated remains in eco-friendly urns, to service providers that only use natural materials (such as pine and wicker) to produce caskets. At first, the environmentally-friendly options may seem limitless, but the Green Burial Council considers certain practices best when planning and implementing a minimally invasive burial:

No Toxic Chemicals
First, body preservation should not include any harmful or toxic embalming chemicals. Instead, refrigeration, dry ice, or eco-friendly embalming fluid should be considered. If planning ahead, be sure that your funeral will be held in a relatively short period of time, as refrigeration can be expensive.

Biodegradable Burial Materials
Second, coffins, caskets, and shrouds made of biodegradable substances like bamboo, wicker, silk, or hemp should be used instead of modern materials such as metal or concrete. Wood that is sustainably harvested is also a good option.

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