Perpetual Care

The four cemeteries operated by Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society are known as "perpetual care" cemeteries. This means a portion of the income from the sale of burial plots or crypts is set aside in a trust to provide for the future expense of caring for the cemetery grounds and structures.

From the time of its inception the board of trustees of the Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society saw the virtue in this system and instituted it long before there were any laws or regulations in the cemetery business regarding perpetual care. Because of their financial forethought people who purchase burial spaces at any of our cemeteries don't have to worry about their graves being cared for in the future.

Looking ahead

Since then, and continuing today, the CCCS board of trustees takes its fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. Many of the decisions it has made through the years have enabled us to thrive in our vocation through thick times and thin. 

Current CCCS president, Stephen Bittner, said: "We look back at them and think they were frugal, but they really were looking ahead."

Pre-arrangements help everyone

Families that look ahead and purchase burial plots or crypt spaces ahead of time as part of a pre-arrangement package are beneficial in another way. The income from pre-arrangement purchases can be put toward current needs, such as capital improvements that help lower the future cost of care and maintenance for everyone.

"We aren't going to be around in 150 years, but our descendants will be, " said Mr. Bittner. "We're working to make sure they won't have any complaints."

Perpetual care and upkeep also means that money will always be available to maintain proper records and employ courteous, professional staff to help people find the grave of a relative or friend.