Memorial Day Mass and Services have been cancelled this year but our cemeteries are open to all visitors and families as usual.

Every End is a New Beginning

Everyone's life must end at some point. For people of faith, it is the beginning of a new life. But what happens in between?

Death is indeed a mystery. And it is this uncertainty that contributes to our profound sense of loss when someone we love passes away. Yet sorrow is often accompanied by the joy and peace experienced in the rites of funeral, interment and remembrance.

How do we know?  The Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society has been serving the community since 1843. We have a little perspective on what death is and is not. Through our website, we hope to inform as well as inspire your own experience with the end we all will come to one day.  

Faith, love, community and dignity require a certain level of care and reverence for the departed. Yhat is what the dedicated staff at Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society strive for above all else.