Memorial Day Mass and Services have been cancelled this year but our cemeteries are open to all visitors and families as usual.

Catholic Family Security Association

A number of years ago, Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society followed through on a unique opportunity to offer a pre-funding financial solution from a trusted provider and top-tier underwriting company that aligned with our mission as Catholic cemeterians.  That's when Cincinnati Catholic Cemetery Society became an authorized agent for The Catholic Family Security Association. This is the name of the company that offers the Catholic Family Funeral Plan, a comprehensive funeral insurance program designed especially for Catholic families and is approved by the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Insurance programs like those offered by The Catholic Family Security Association are designed to fill the special need for Liturgical considerations in planning and executing the wishes of the client. The Catholic Funeral Plan is an affordable financial solution that compares favorably with AARP guidelines.  Catholic Family Security Association in no way compromises or conflicts with our responsibilities, duties to the holders of interment rights at our cemeteries or in our solemn services to families and the interred. 

Authorized agents for Catholic Family Security Association:

Stephen Bittner, President CCCS

Jerome Auer, Director of Family Services CCCS